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Mobile, stable and pain-free joints are essential for movement and allow you to enjoy an independent lifestyle.

Modern knee and hip prosthesis made by cad engineer and manufactured by 3d printing

Joints are made of bone, surface cartilage and other supporting structures like ligaments, muscles and tendons, and in some cases specialised soft tissue like meniscus in knees and labrum in hips.

Joints can become painful, stiff or unstable when the structures in the joints are damaged by injury, diseases or degeneration.

If the damage is limited – reconstructive procedures are often possible, however if the damage is more severe, replacement procedures need to be considered.

  • In knees, partial knee replacements can often relieve pain and dysfunction caused by limited severe disease. Dr Lin utilises the state of the art Stryker MAKO robotic assistive device to help plan and execute the perfect partial knee replacement.
  • End stage hip and knee joint diseases are treated with joint replacement surgery. A computer navigation unit is routinely utilised to perform the replacement procedures.
  • Joint replacement surgery aims to relieve pain, restore motion, correct deformity about a severely diseased joint therefore restoring the patient’s quality of life and independence.

Technologies in the Operating Room

  • Computer navigation
  • Stryker MAKO
  • Image Intensifier (intraoperative radiography)