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Experienced and extensively trained sub-speciality orthopaedic surgeons specialising in lower limb joints, trauma and deformities.


Joint Replacement Surgery

Mobile, stable and pain-free joints are essential for movement and allow you to enjoy an independent lifestyle.

Joints are made of bone, surface cartilage and other supporting structures like ligaments, muscles and tendons, and in some cases specialised soft tissue like meniscus in knees and labrum in hips.

Joints can become painful, stiff or unstable when the structures in the joints are damaged by injury, diseases or degeneration.

If the damage is limited – reconstructive procedures are often possible, however if the damage is more severe, replacement procedures need to be considered.



Accidents happen and we understand that it can be stressful. Many uncertainties arise regarding treatment options, recovery time, time off work, future prognosis and many other issues.

ProOrtho is here to help you get back on track. Choose an experienced surgeon with sub-specialty trauma training to help you get back on your feet.



Medicine is constantly evolving, and we are always finding ways to help improve patient outcomes. ProOrtho is one of the first orthopaedic practices in Sydney to be adopting robotic technology in the operating room, offering partial and total knee replacement and total hip replacement.



Lower limb deformities can be present at birth or may occur later on in life due to a fracture, infection, arthritis or tumour.

ProOrtho has a experience in all aspects of hip, knee and ankle joint deformity correction and management of trauma.